Our Story

Faralbox™ is a part of Deliceasy™ brands.

We started FaralBox during the lockdown of 2020 with an aim to unite friends & families staying far away during the Covid pandemic. Our journey started with 1 product, our simple honest-to-heart FaralBox. First FaralBox contained a variety of Diwali Faral curated from the best snack stores in Maharashtra. It became an instant hit, with the first 100 FaralBoxes being sold out in less than 48 hours. In our first year of operation we shipped 750 kgs of Diwali Faral to the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore & Dubai.

Our customers loved the FaralBox experience, they ordered it for themselves, for their friends, family, children living abroad, etc. This made us leave our day jobs, to serve our beloved customers, and we were happy to oblige. Today FaralBox has 150 plus authentic Indian snacks which can be ordered online & delivered across 160 countries in as little as 4 days!

FaralBox has always been about sharing joy with your loved ones. With a mission to make authentic Indian food available across the globe, we make sure our customers get a wholesome experience of quality Indian snacks along with hassle-free delivery. We envision becoming the largest Indian snack store in the world, a homely place for all the Indians living outside their hometown!

FaralBox™ became a part of Deliceasy™ brands on 1 March 2022. At Deliceasy our aim is to raise quality standards of the traditional snacks & sweets to a never-before-seen level. We are redefining Indian snacks while making our customers experience the culture & traditions of India using the most effective medium i.e. ethnic food.

Meet the Team

Rohit FaralBox


Founder & CEO

Aniket FaralBox