How to Send Diwali Faral Abroad to India, USA, UK, Canada, Europe UAE & Worldwide

Confused about how to send Diwali Faral to your children living abroad?

Or do you live abroad and want to send Diwali Faral to your friends & family living in India?

Looks like your search ends here cause we might have just solved the problem for you. In this blog post, we guide you step-by-step on how you can send Diwali Faral abroad or to India in an easy way. 

If you are worried about high shipping charges - Look out for our "Cheapest way to send Diwali Faral" section in the post, in which we show you a simple way to order Diwali Faral & avoid paying high shipping fees.

Note: With FaralBox, you can buy Diwali Faral online both in India, Abroad or Buy it Yourself at local pick-up points we will disclose later in the blog. 

How To Buy Diwali Faral Online At FaralBox 

There are two ways you can order our Special Diwali Sweets & Snacks online:

  1. Buy it for yourself in India & Abroad
  2. Send it to your friends & family in India & Abroad

Buy Diwali Faral For Yourself In India & Abroad (USA, UK, Canada, Worldwide)

The steps to buying our delicious Diwali delicacies are simple and easy. All you have to do is - 

For people living in India: 

  1. Head to our Indian FaralBox website and select the “Shop for Diwali 2022” option from the Top Menu Bar.
  2. Pick any FaralBox of your choice - 2 or 6kg - Or you can even select our à la carte options like Bhajani Chakli, Karanji, and so much more separately.
  3. Add them to the cart.
  4. If you need any customization or specifications in your FaralBox order, kindly add them to the “Notes” section. 
  5. Now, all you need to do is “Checkout” and “Fill in your personal details like email & shipping address”.
  6. Don’t forget to sign up on our website before so that we can send in special discount codes that you can avail of at the checkout. You can also scan our website for any ongoing special Diwali offers in this festive season.

Note: You can avail of free shipping as long as your minimum cart value is above INR 500

For Indians living abroad in USA, UK, Canada, Europe & Worldwide, here’s how you can buy FaralBox delicious Diwali delicacies: 

  1. Go to our “” website - made especially for Indians living abroad. 
  2. Click on the “Shop for Diwali 2022” option from the top bar. You will find a wide variety of Maharashtrian Diwali Sweets & Snacks to pick from like Bhajani Chakli, Anarse, Besan Ladoo, and even FaralBox Options like Popular FaralBox (6kg) & Family FaralBox (8kg).
  3. Add delicacies of your choice & click “Checkout”. After this, you just have to repeat the rest of the steps. 

Note: You can avail of free shipping as long as your cart is above $80

Send Diwali Faral to Your Friends & Family In India & Abroad (USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Worldwide)

Now that we have completed how you can order Diwali Faral for yourself in India & abroad countries like USA, UK & Worldwide, let us show you how to send Diwali Faral to your friends and family living in India & Abroad (USA, UK, Canada, and Worldwide)

Send Diwali Faral to Your Friends & Family Living in India from Abroad:

  1. Go to our “” website - made especially for Indians living abroad. 
  2. Click on the “Send Faral to India”  option from the menu bar.

That’s it! Browse through our wide variety of Diwali Snacks & Sweets and Combo FaralBoxes & add them to your cart. Finish the transactions & your family will receive your Diwali FaralBox Gift Pack well before Diwali starts!

Note: If you are ordering for yourself and your family living in India - Make 2 orders i.e make the orders separately since these items cannot get clubbed with your International order. 

Send Diwali Faral to Friends & Family Members Living Abroad from India: 

Get that Homeswad your son and daughter must be missing while studying/working abroad from FaralBox. The steps are simple:

  1. Since you are sending from India - Go to FaralBox (India) Website.
  2. Click on the “Send Diwali Faral Abroad” Page from the menu bar.
  3. Pick your favorite Diwali sweets and snacks, or order a 2/6 kg FaralBox that contains a wide assortment of Indian delicacies and ‘Checkout’!

That’s it! Your family members living abroad will receive the tasty & delicious Diwali Faral way before Diwali starts - FaralBox guarantees to send your love & the tasty goodies box directly to their doorstep before Diwali!

Note: If you are ordering for yourself in India and your family members living abroad - Make 2 orders i.e make the orders separately since these items cannot get clubbed with your India order.

Why Should FaralBox Be Your No.1 Choice For Sending Diwali Faral Abroad?

Here are six reasons why you can trust FaralBox with your Diwali Faral:

1. Avoid Shipping Charges - Make an order of just $80 and let us fit the shipping bill for you! That said - you can easily do this since Diwali Faral includes quite an assortment of Indian snacks and sweets.

2. Delivery before Diwali guaranteed: Order before 14 October 2022, and we guarantee delivery to your doorstep before Diwali in any place in the world.

3. Quality Guarantee: With FaralBox, you do not have to worry about the quality of the traditional Indian Snacks & Sweets. Skeptical? Read our verified reviews!

4. Earn smile points each time you buy snacks and sweets from Faralbox: Smile Points are points allocated to our special loyal deliceasy customers for every purchase they make. You can redeem your Smile Point at the checkout point later.

 5. Get Free gifts in Every Faralbox: Any pack of FaralBox you buy (6/8kg), you get free goodies like Kalnirnay Marathi 2023, Pair of Diyas, Organic Utna & Moti Soap.

6. Enjoy our FaralBox Speciality: What's that, you ask? Here's the answer. 

FaralBox Speciality: What's so Good about Our Traditional Maharashtrian Indian Snacks & Sweets?

  • Authentic Indian Snacks & Sweets: Take a bite and experience the taste of traditional Maharashtrian delicacies that will remind you of your home no matter where you are! Each product in our FaralBox has been made using special age-old Maharashtrian recipes, keeping in mind that you don't miss out on that HomeSwad away from home. 
  • US FDA Standards: Our facility operates according to US FDA standards using the latest processing & packaging technology that keeps the snacks fresh and tasty. Every ingredient is handpicked, and of premium quality, with special care and attention is taken towards food safety & hygiene. 

  • Trans Fat-Free: Maharashtrian Faral is all about origin and taste. This is why keeping both taste and health in mind, FaralBox's entire range of products are 100% trans-fat-free that won't raise the bad cholesterol in our bodies. 

  • No MSG, Artificial Color, or Flavor - Our Diwali Faral Sweets & Namkeens do not need anything artificial or synthetic to boost the flavors. We are originally tasty and delicious without them.
  • No Preservatives - We keep our products safe and away from the added preservatives that do you no good, which is why kindly consume the products before the shelf life ends, as we are serious about having no preservatives. 
  • Made with Love, Packed with Care - A Clear Promise from FaralBox.

Why You Should Not Go For the Cheapest Options While Buying Diwali Faral Online

Selecting the cheapest option from your top places to buy Diwali Faral from is not the right thing to do since, most often, you end up compromising on factors like:

  1. No Delivery Guarantee: Unlike FaralBox, you do not get a "Delivery before Diwali" guarantee from most companies. There have often been times in the past when people ended up receiving their Diwali Faral after about a month or so. Situations like these are rare but tend to happen since the company doesn’t promise you a guaranteed delivery before Diwali.
  1. Poor Product Quality: Buying Diwali Faral from a trustable vendor is very important if you want your delicacies to be of top-notch quality. Do not buy your Diwali Faral from non-reputable vendors if you wish to avoid issues like poor hygiene, snacks & sweets getting fried in bad, reused oils, or product items getting spoiled in transit as they have expired.
  1. Product Shipped is Damaged in transit: Most often, Diwali Faral sent by the parents to their children living abroad doesn’t reach their home safely. Reason? It gets damaged or lost in transit, and you cannot hold the company accountable since, unlike us, they never give you a guaranteed delivery promise. 
"Cheap is good - but does it guarantee the safety & product quality of your Diwali sweets & snacks?" 

Cheapest Way to Send Diwali Faral Abroad

Looking for the cheapest way to order Diwali Faral Online from us without compromising on the above factors? 

The way is simple!

Choose any FaralBox - Mini, Popular, or Family & Avail of Free Shipping from us - to India & abroad countries like USA, UK, Canada, Europe & Worldwide!

Every FaralBox you buy has a wide assortment of Indian snacks & sweets, including the famous festive delicacies like Karanji, Bhajani Chakli, Sweet & Khare Shankarpale, Tikhat Shev, Poha Chivda, Besan Ladoo, and so much more. 

What’s more, with each FaralBox, you get your hands on free goodies like Kalnirnay Marathi 2023, Pair of Diyas, Organic Utna & Moti Soap.

Which Places Does FaralBox Ship Diwali Faral and Authentic Indian Snacks & Sweets to?

FaralBox currently delivers to the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, and UAE. We also ship to the rest of the world, but shipping charges may differ. 

What are the Shipping Charges? How Can I Avail Free Delivery?

For USA, UK, Europe, Canada & UAE, we offer FREE SHIPPING on orders above USD 80. In case of a lower order amount, an additional Shipping Charge of USD 19.99 is applicable. Shipping charges for the Rest of the World may differ. For more details, visit our FAQs Page.

For Indian orders, we offer FREE SHIPPING on orders above INR 500.

Sending Your Own Diwali Faral Abroad VS Sending Diwali Faral From FaralBox: What’s the difference?

Sending Your Own Diwali Faral

Sending Diwali Faral From FaralBox

Delivery Time

Takes more than 14-15 Days. Delivery Not Guaranteed.

Usually Takes only 4-5 Days. Delivery Before Diwali Guaranteed.

Product Quality Damage Factor

Product delivered is most often damaged due to choosing cheap courier options.

High Product Quality Guarantee by FaralBox

Shipping charges

2 Kg Diwali Faral Takes more than 5000 INR Shipping Fees

With FaralBox For 2 Kg Diwali Faral doesn’t invite any shipping charge


Several factor go into shipping your Diwali Faral From India to Abroad: Shipping Company 

FaralBox takes care of EVERYTHING for you - from proper quality control of the products to proper delivery at time and before Diwali.

Conclusion: Ordering from FaralBox means you have to do nothing - from packing the high-quality delicious Indian sweets and snacks to delivering them right to your doorstep before Diwali starts - We take care of everything for you!

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